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July 13, 2017

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A childish "break-in"

July 2, 2017


Now, I don't remember how old exactly I and my sister were when we decided to go on an expedition to this house. It belonged to my dad's cousin's mother who had passed away a long time before then and the house had been abandoned since. It didn't look like in this photo, though, the windows were not nail shut from the inside, and there were curtains and much more of the blueish facade than now. Between this house and our land there was no fence of any kind, there was just grass, hers and ours, on which used to stand  our old house, very similar to this one, but longer, in which grandma and grandpa lived before their sons built a modern one for them.


It happened during yet another wonderful summer spent with grandma. I don't remember the reason we went in, but I do recall we saw a bunch of beautiful old things when we peeked through the window: a light blue glass water bottle painted with soft, white patterns, pictures of Virgin Mary hanging on the walls, pots and pans, a wooden treasure box, fake flowers and what not.


So we climbed in through the broken window right next to the main door. We had to watch our step because the floorboards at the door were very wobbly and unstable, and there was a staircase that led down to a cellar of a sort, so we knew where we would end up if the floorboards gave in. We weren't willing to risk it and explore the right side of the house pass the wobbly floor but we were brave enough to go to the left towards the beautiful old things. They were just there, on the table, on the shelves, in the white cabinets, waiting, as if it was any other day and the owners were about to return from the fields... I never knew why nobody ever came to claim these things after the lady was gone... Didn't they need them?


So we took some: the bottle, of course, the wooden box to keep our treasures, some icons to hang on our walls, and something else I can't remember now what it was. We put it all into our living room and we were so proud that we called grandma to see it. She flipped. I mean she almost fainted. She told us that it wasn't cool for us to take all this because it didn't belong to us, and that even though nobody was using it anymore and nobody would miss it,  the lady was gone, and if we didn't return it, it would make her spirit angry. Well, that's when she had me. The angry spirit. So we took it all back, somewhat reluctantly, but we did. I wonder if they are still there...









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