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About me

I am a Carpatho-Rusyn artist, writer and an English teacher. I live in Barcelona, Spain with my two children, Ty the cat and Maya the dog. :-)


The first time I took a brush in my hand was to paint a little picture for my new baby back in 2007. It was a very simple, child-like drawing of a butterfly. The process was started, though. Five years later I had my first exhibition in Denver, Colorado, sold several pieces to enthusiastic buyers and felt happy.


My work is inspired by my Carpatho-Rusyn roots, my life experience and, of course, the good emotions that I feel when I paint – I never paint while in a bad mood. The best results come around when I do not exert too much control in the process of creating the painting.


And my studio? My studio is a corner in the bedroom…

But don't tell anyone! :-)

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